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Welcome to the 2015-2016 Notre Dame MBA online application!

The application for the 2015-16 Notre Dame MBA admissions cycle will be available on September 1, 2015

We understand you may want to work ahead on your application materials, so here are a few tasks you can complete ahead of time:
  • Essay Question: Your responsibility as a lifelong member of the Mendoza community is to Ask More of Business – to exemplify individual integrity, organizational excellence, and a concern for the greater good. How do you plan to do this in your professional career? (2 pages)
  • Recommendations: We require two recommendations from people who know you and can speak to your work ethic, personality and anything else that they feel might be relevant to an MBA application. We suggest including at least one direct supervisor. If you do not have prior work experience, please include a professor in your recommendations. Now may be a good time to reach out to those who will provide you with recommendations to update them on your recent performance as well as your plans to seek out an MBA from Notre Dame.
  • Slide Presentation:  Effective communication is a central skill for managers and visual presentations are an important and common method of communication. Demonstrate your ability to clearly, concisely and persuasively communicate by telling us about yourself using a short slide presentation.
    • Please consider the following guidelines when creating your presentation. 
    • You are free to share anything about yourself that you think would be of value to the Admissions Committee. Please use whatever software programs you like to develop your presentation, but note that the only acceptable format for upload in the online application system is Adobe PDF.
    • There is a strict maximum of four slides, though you can provide fewer than four if you choose.
    • The slides that you submit will be printed and added to your application file for review by the Admissions Committee. As a result, only text and static images will be seen. Videos, music, hyperlinks, etc. will not be conveyed and should not be included. Color may be used.
    • Notes pages will not be accepted. You should plan to convey your entire message on the slides themselves.
    • Please be assured that the Admission Committee will read your essay, your resume, and your transcripts. Your slides are an opportunity to go beyond your academic and work history and demonstrate your fit for Notre Dame.